Joanna Jabłońska

Since seeing the tango for the very first time at one of the milongas in 2006, I have actually never stopped dancing… I took my first tango steps (and also the second ones) under the supervision of two tango pioneers in Wrocław, Ola Rutkowska and Tomek Rutkowski. Then it was time for other teachers, among whom I owe the most to: Analia Vega and Marcelo Varela, Evelyn Rivera and Esteban Cortez, Cecilia Garcia and Santiago Dorkas, Serkan Gokcesu, Marina Marquez and Ozgur Demir, Roxana Suarez and Sebastian Achaval, Mariana Montes and Sebastian Arce, and Virginia Pandolfini and Javier Rodriguez. Since 2008. I myself have been an active member of Wrocław’s tango community as a teacher. Since 2012. I have worked with Piotr Bochiński. I run tango classes on a regular basis in several dance schools in Wrocław, as well as a series of workshops around Lower Silesia.

Both in self-development and in work with my students I place particular emphasis on technique, aesthetics and musicality. My methodology is based on an in-depth explanation of the mechanics of movement. I also seize opportunities offered by working on body awareness, taking advantage of my experience with Contact Improvisation, Body Mind Centering – and Life Art/Process. The main objective of my work as a teacher is to develop the ability to construct the structure of dance, channel its energy and finally implement an active approach of dialogue between partners.